Saturday, April 10, 2010

We arrived in San Francisco!

The drive was beautiful to San Francisco. All I can think to myself is, 'WHY do we live in the desert?' Constantly I keep thinking this. I was very impressed with everything about the drive. The kids watched the movie Escape from Alcatraz on the way. It took almost exactly the length of the movie to get there. What luck. When we arrived the first thing to do, figure out how to get around. We were told that the "F-line" takes you to the Wharf. The lady who told me this almost seemed irritated that I kept reaffirming her instructions. So we got on the F-line, and what do you know, we got on the one and ONLY F-line that doesn't go that far. Ha ha! So we got off at the Ferry Building and walked a LONG way. The walk was beautiful though and I'm glad we did it. (Sarah was not glad, however). But it got us out and moving around.

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