Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sarah is Sweet and Soothing

Having Sarah around is just plain easy. She goes with
the flow. She doesn't make waves. She thinks of others and tries to make compromises to help the group work at it's best. She strives hard to be a peace-maker. What a wonderful blessing that is. She is sweet to everyone.

A big motivation to take trips with my kids is because of Sarah. She loves adventures!! She needs adventures. Sarah is content staying in her room and disappearing for a long period of time. When we go on adventures her spirits soar. She becomes lively. She participates. She grows. She bonds with her family. Every trip we have taken in the past few years has been motivated by my desire to have Sarah experience LIFE. To see the world, to appreciate what is out there. I don't know how long Sarah will live with me, but one thing is for sure....no matter how long it is, we will be having adventures!
I love her!

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